A new phone model that will run on solar power will integrate with Starlink satellite systems and will work even on Mars, information sources claim. Tesla, the world''s biggest electric car maker, is reportedly developing a futuristic smartphone that could. Regardless of the rumors, what the Texas-based company is doing is maintaining complete confidentiality regarding the alleged device. The corporation still does not confirm its production plans and keeps information about the development of the product in secret.

However, leading industry experts speculate that Tesla will release its first phone in late 2023 or early 2024.

So, what is known about the Tesla smartphone so far.

Starlink support. The Model Pi smartphone is planned to have a built-in feature to provide access to Starlink, whereby subscribers can use the Internet without depending on Earth's telecommunications networks.  Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency broadband Internet access in a variety of markets. Using satellites in low orbits, it provides video calls, online gaming and streaming. The company says it's ideal for regions where connectivity has been unreliable or completely non-existent.

Better compatibility with electric cars

Industry experts say that the new phone will be better integrated with Tesla electric cars, giving them additional control options at the touch of a button. Users will also be able to use the phone to control various vehicle functions, such as locking, unlocking, temperature, multimedia and other functions.

Neuralink support function

The new Tesla phone may also feature Neuralink support, a technology that allows the user to mentally control devices. Ilon Musk cofounded a corporation called Neuralink in 2016, which has been developing chips that implant into the human brain. When successfully embedded, they will enable machines to transform a person's thoughts into actions.

According to the company, with this technology, people who cannot fully control their hands will use smartphones much faster than those who use their fingers.

Charging with sunlight

It is assumed that Tesla, the company that also makes solar panels, will provide solar-powered charging functionality for new phones. This development could play a crucial role in a smartphone industry that is having trouble attracting new users because of a dearth of novelty. In addition, the company is releasing the Powerwall, a standby domestic storage battery system. Users can make a solar power reserve for urgent emergencies, such as an overnight power outage.

The Red World

Plenty of talk indicates that Musk's fledgling phone will function on Mars, thanks to the use of Starlink communications. Speaking at a press conference in late 2016, Mr. Musk noted that it would take 40 to 100 years for an independent civilization of millions to organize on Mars.

Naturally, these people will need the ability to use the Internet.

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