The most expressive tech innovations of 2020. Part 1
The most expressive tech innovations of 2020. Part 1

Of course, 2020 was a very difficult year for each of us, from the pandemic to political battles. In order not to get out of the usual rut, to continue to work and adapt to modern realities, we used the technological capabilities to the fullest. Computers, smartwatches, robots, and all kinds of Internet resources and services were constantly used by us. For rest and distraction, we turned to HBO Max, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

And by tradition, we have compiled a list of the best products of the year, which delighted us with their quality and productivity. In this article, you can familiarize yourself with our list of TOP 13 products that deserve attention. We also highlighted developments that can be named the best tech innovations product of 2020.

Well, let's start getting to know the favorites of the past year.

 Cisco Webex Desk Hub

This product can be described as a landline telephone, which has been implemented with a lot of necessary and useful features.

This was my dream 30 years ago. It was during this time that I was working as a desktop phone analyst for the telecommunications division of IBM. I researched competitors' markets and made reports to improve sales. And I can say that attempts to create such a model took place back in the 80s. Phones with a loudspeaker, an answering machine, the ability to send text messages, and more were created. But everyone understood that landline phones are still inferior to mobile phones.

But now, after many years, Cisco managed to complete a rebranding of desk phones and create the Webex Desk Hub.

It syncs with your smartphone and provides wireless battery charging. Of course, someone may still consider it a rarity, but it deserves attention.

Montblanc Summit 2+ 4G Smartwatch

This model can rightfully be considered a competitor to the Apple Watch, because the presented watches have almost the same functions, only based on Android and the Qualcomm system. This is the first watch in the world that contains all the necessary programs, not only for fitness and health. Their price is pretty good - $ 1000, but it's worth it. Montblanc Summit 2+ is the perfect option for those who do not accept Apple products and want a quality product with a perfect set of functions. The watch can be used as a phone, messenger, and fitness bracelet. They are protected from moisture (water resistance up to 50 meters), as well as a powerful battery that lasts much longer than any other analogs of this product. Perhaps this is the best and most successful replacement for Apple.

4th Generation Echo

If we consider the most optimal option for a home assistant, then it will be Amazon Echo. Thousands of people around the world have tried this digital companion during the quarantine period. In Echo 4, we got even better sound quality, the design was also updated and the price of the device was pleased. From a cylinder, the assistant has turned into a ball, which cannot but please the aesthetes, because now he looks as stylish and futuristic as possible. Even though the digital assistant Alexa AI still makes small mistakes, we believe that it is still ahead and the developers will be able to improve the beloved gadget. After all, basically, this assistant is used to turn on music and search for information on the network. Thanks to the improved sound in the 4th generation Echo, it can lay claim to one of the most successful enhancements of the past year.


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