The most expressive tech innovations of 2020. Part 2
The most expressive tech innovations of 2020. Part 2

 Jacoti Smart Earbuds

These Smart Earbuds have become a real breakthrough of the year in the world of technology! Perfect sound coupled with high performance has created the perfect earbuds that are unrivaled. The main feature of this gadget is the presence of a biometric sensor in the headphones themselves.

This model is fully automated, it can change operating modes and adapt to the peculiarities of operation.

Jacoti Smart Earbuds adapt to any wearer, be it a person with hearing impairment or other perception characteristics. The headphone system works in such a way that it can adapt to its owner from the first minute of use. This innovative technology is gaining more and more popularity because it can improve and adjust our capabilities. Smart Earbuds allow you not only to enjoy the clear sound but also to improve your hearing.

HP Omnicept VR Headset

Today it is becoming very clear that virtual reality will soon cover all areas of our life, but this is all in the development stage. Until recently, all the gadgets we know for VR systems were far from ideal. Therefore, HP took the responsibility to remedy this situation and began developing the Omnicept headset. Thanks to these devices, the performance of the system and the quality of products have significantly improved. People can enjoy the vast array of functions the system offers and enjoy the perfect virtual reality world. HP Omnicept helps you use the power of the virtual world to your advantage, without losing control of real life. It is the ideal work companion, entertainment friend, and digital guide.

Microsoft Surface Duo Smartphone

Microsoft Corp. has not lagged behind other big names and has created an unusual phone with a double foldable Surface Duo screen. This form of the device is very convenient for doing business, checking mail, or reading a book. In the era of a pandemic, this phone can save you in moments of long waiting in queues or traffic jams, it can brighten up your leisure time in any way you are used to. It is worth noting that Microsoft Surface Duo syncs well with smartwatches and headphones. The disadvantages of this model include the fact that it is not always convenient to quickly answer an incoming call, as well as the fact that the presence of glass on both sides makes it slippery. But despite this, it has become the favorite of many users around the world.

Ooler Smart Water Cooled Mattress

The improved Ooler mattress has many advantages over earlier models from this company. Improved design, the ability to control the direction of the water, as well as the creation of a special application on marketplaces. Quite often, it is quite difficult for married couples to get used to each other's sleep patterns and characteristics. Some like to sleep warm and on a soft surface, while others anticipate lower temperatures during sleep. The Ooler Smart mattress can meet all user needs. You will have the opportunity to heat or cool water in different parts of the mattress, choosing the ideal conditions for yourself. The Ooler system uses a cooling method that was developed for Formula 1 racers and astronauts, which is impressive.


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