It's happened that mobile automated machines were always carried out remotely, (at a safe distance) by a specially trained person for this. Today, in the field of AI, there have been impressive changes, in particular, the development of modern machine learning systems. Robotic equipment and mobile manipulators will soon be 100 percent autonomous and practically independent of humans. They will be able to pump their characteristics to such a level that they can process information like a real person.

Such innovative development and AI in the control systems of mobile vehicles will create a huge breakthrough in the world of technology, as well as in large companies. AI-based management will be able to plan and analyze paths, as well as correct them in the best way, choosing the most optimal option to improve work efficiency. The system remembers all trajectories and paths of movement, which significantly improves their work. They can do things that are physically impossible for an ordinary person.

For example, using the mobile control systems RE2, AI can fully integrate into the system, thanks to its pre-planned actions of the autonomy of RE2 Intellect. Thanks to the data obtained, he can combine the methods of teaching techniques with geometric computer vision into one whole. This will help facilitate the work of many systems and will also allow you to analyze decisions like a real person.

This is significantly different from the usual and well-known actions that are performed by machines because they are all used to using only one method and following only one. This significantly slows down the operation of systems, because such a set of data is only suitable for a structured space with correctly aligned lighting and so on. While RE2 Intellect can think like a human and analyze all systems on a human level. He can get out of complex force majeure situations that often arise in production. It can work absolutely in any condition.

But, in addition to human-like analysis, machines need to show themselves in action. Workflow from start to finish - The OODA cycle is based on the following algorithm: Observe, Analyze, Decide, and Act. RE2 Detect technology helps with observation and analysis, and RE2 Intellect is already in charge of decision and action. In the human mind, this cycle is completely closed and the action takes place from obsession. RE2 technology will be a real breakthrough in the development of mobile controls.

Methods for teaching automated equipment

Programming a robot for the process of learning, analyzing, and memorizing information implies the combined work with information, characteristics, and capabilities to develop an ideal AI robot. The whole point is that the more data and the more they differ from each other, the more successful the whole process will be. The same is the case with all the characteristics and capabilities of blocks for forming a data system. For this, a structure of actions or characteristics is formed that is important for the implementation of quality work. A very important factor is the correct choice of instructions and the sequence of actions suitable for a particular type of work. Actions in the system can consist of completely controlled techniques (this is systematization and regression), they can also consist of non-subject systems (segmenting or searching for a pattern). Determine its reliability depending on the method and algorithm of the system.


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