The world-renowned company MSI-DSL in collaboration with the successful corporation Milrem Robotics is engaged in the creation of autonomous robotic systems. So, at DSEI 2021, the ultra-functional C-UAV drone with kinetic characteristics was presented. Equipped with the latest technologies and remote control capabilities, as well as special measuring visual devices, THeMIS unmanned aerial vehicles allow you to recognize objects in the air and change the operation of the mini-UAV resistance.

The innovative C-UAS technology can be equipped with a weight of up to 30 mm (including the Northrop Grumman M230 and Thales LMM cannon). Moreover, the unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of identifying and eliminating security-threatening objects in the air as well as on the ground (it can repel even armored vehicles). The aircraft can fight the threat without endangering the person.

The head of the corporation claims that they want to create a simple technology for transferring data to the operator. Their drones will be super mobile and resilient. Independent unmanned technologies enable the versatile manifestation of oneself in the fight against a threatening object, without a threat to humans. Thus, the operator can select objects and make decisions from a distance.

Today, more and more unmanned aerial vehicles are used in military operations. This helps to avoid the risk of loss, death, and injury to pilots. But, if used incorrectly, it can also become a pretext for flaring up a conflict situation on groundless grounds. Working in conjunction with drones makes it possible to reduce mortal risks in a military environment, as well as to think over more detailed tactics and an operation plan.

C-UAS designs are capable of protecting static as well as tactical targets suitable for deployed assets and critical infrastructure.

Already in September this year, at the DSEI 2021 World Exhibition in England, corporations will present their new products.

The successfully thriving company Milrem Robotics has been showing excellent results for several years already, it never ceases to amaze with its creative solutions and high-quality developments. It cooperates with many European and Baltic countries.

The corporation is at the head of iMUGS and is involved in the European Defense Industrial Development Program, which received more than € 30 million in the development of the robotics sector. While MSI-DSL is considered the best weapons systems maker and supplier in the world.



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