Transform your idea of what robots are capable of. Boston Dynamics builds advanced robots with amazing behaviors: Agility, talent, skill, and speed. The company uses sensor control and computing to unlock the power of sophisticated devices. Its world-class engineering teams work from initial concept to prototyping, design, testing and assembly, field testing, and cost-effective production.


The Handle is a robot that blends the off-road ability of the legs with the effectiveness of the wheels. It applies much of the usual dynamics, balancing, and motion packaging of robots with four legs and bipedal belts. However, with only ten actuated joints, it is much more straightforward. Its wheels work quickly and easily on level ground, and its legs can travel just about anyplace. With a mix of wheels and legs, Handle offers the best of both worlds. It can carry heavy loads while taking up minimal space and maneuvering tight areas. All Handle connections are coordinated to provide high-performance mobile packing.


Nice stuff comes in little packs. A nimble robot that handles items climbs ladders and will work in businesses, houses, and outside. The SpotMini is completely electrical and can run on a charge for about 90 min, whichever one it does. SpotMini is the quietest robot of all. SpotMini inherits all the mobility of its big brother Spot but adds the ability to pick up and move an object with 5 degrees of freedom arm and advanced sensing sensors. Multiple sensors range from stereo cameras, depth cameras, IMU, and limb position/force sensors. 


The most dynamic humanoid in the world. Atlas uses balance and full-body capabilities to achieve two-arm manipulation. Atlas is the latest in a series of advanced humanoid robots the company is developing. Atlas' ability to perform balance during tasks enables it to work with a large volume while taking up a small footprint. Atlas' equipment utilizes 3D printed technology to conserve space and weight, creating a small bot packed full of durability and mass and with an extended operating range. Thanks to stereo vision, rangefinder, and other sensors, Atlas can control objects in the environment and drive over uneven ground. Atlas maintains its equilibrium when pushed or shoved and can stand up if it topples over.


Kick and keep kicking. SPOT uses BigDog, Cheetah, and LS3 learnings and translates them into a silent, four-legged robot with exceptional walkability and superhuman staying power. The fodder for a novel take on robot dynamic control made genuine autonomy attainable. Spot is electrically and hydraulically driven. It senses the surrounding terrain with LIDAR and stereovision, combined with integrated sensors to maintain balance and traverse uneven ground.


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