The most expressive tech innovations of 2020. Part 3
The most expressive tech innovations of 2020. Part 3

Xiaomi Mi TV LUX 

This is exactly the product that will not leave you indifferent. Mi TV LUX is a unique technological development both in design and technical characteristics. It features a modern transparent OLED screen and looks like a thin sheet of paper.

This is that TV that can impress your friends. It has quite an impressive size, so be sure that you have enough floor space to install this product in your home. Its price is as impressive as the size - 7 thousand dollars. But Xiaomi Mi TV LUX is well worth the money. It can truly be considered a unique product of 2020.

Lenovo ThinkStaton P620 Threadripper Workstation

It is deservedly considered the best microprocessor in the world. Lenovo has taken development to the next level to bring the functional and powerful ThinkStaton P620 Threadripper to life. Its characteristics are ideal for workstations, it is the ideal product for serious work that requires maximum reliability and intensity of work. ThinkStation P620 is the best development in its segment from a technological point of view.

Drinkworks by Keurig

One of the best bartender robots you can find on sale is Drinkworks from Keurig. This model is equipped with a cooler and a carbonizer, which is needed to prepare some cocktails. All you have to do is select the desired beverage, insert the required cartridge, place the dehydrated product, and get a perfect beverage.

Buying such a robot would be an excellent choice in an era of the pandemic when you cannot go to your favorite pub due to quarantine, but you dream of enjoying your favorite drink. The company that manufactures robotic bartenders provides a guarantee for its products, so in the event of a breakdown, you can contact the support service and get free assistance. Drinkworks can be considered a useful development that will help brighten up difficult everyday life during a pandemic.

Dell XPS 17 Laptop

Looking at the ideal laptop for 2020, we concluded that it should have such characteristics as:

● a large screen, 

● reasonable price, 

● high uptime 

● long battery life. 

The Dell XPS 17 laptop is ideally suited to all these specifications. It boasts high performance, a large enough screen, and an affordable price ($ 1,500).

Since during the pandemic, our mobility has significantly decreased, we spend more and more time in one place and do not travel, we do not need to carry a small portable laptop with us. Now a product with a large enough screen, a beautiful design, and, of course, being able to hold a charge as long as possible without a power source will be appropriate. Striking is the astonishing ultra-new carbon fiber keyboard in the laptop.


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