The most expressive tech innovations of 2020. Part 4
The most expressive tech innovations of 2020. Part 4

Nvidia's GeForce Now

One of the very first truly worthwhile platforms for gaming was Nvidia's GeForce Now. It provided high quality, excellent performance, and the ability to use it on inexpensive computers. It is worth mentioning that it was in 2020 that online games turned into vertical ones, and with the development of esports, they became a real way to generate income. On the technical side, the latest development GeForce Now has significantly improved the speed of systems. Due to the high demand for this platform, it was really difficult to get it in 2020. This is an ideal and irreplaceable development for those who are fond of virtual games.

Lenovo Fold X1

The latest development from Lenovo laptop Fold X1 has become a real breakthrough in terms of technology. A feature of this model is a special 13.3-inch folding screen. Thanks to its sleek design and small size, it became a favorite of girls in 2020.

In addition to its appearance, the product has high performance and performance. It was highlighted by experts at CES. Therefore, without a doubt, it can be called a real achievement in the development of laptops in 2020. It was the Fold X1 that captured the eyes of all viewers and gained great popularity among buyers.

It is time for the most successful technical devices

After reviewing the favorites of 2020, it is difficult to decide and choose the best from them. But the selection process will be based on the practicality and appropriateness of development during a pandemic. After careful analysis, we were able to highlight the following developments:

In third place - Ooler

We need it for quality and healthy sleep, which will be the key to our well-being. An Ooler mattress can help you get a good night's sleep in all conditions. It is hi-tech, autonomous, and of high quality.

In second place - Nvidia GeForce Now

A constant presence in 4 walls, overwork due to remote work, and depression can negatively affect our body. Therefore, experts advise emotional relaxation, for which virtual games are ideal. To do this, we need the indispensable GeForce Now service, which will allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

1st Place - Drinkworks by Keurig

This robot will help you spend your time at home as if you were visiting a bar. After all, the cocktails that he can make for you are no worse than those that you order at the bar. You will not be bored at home, you can relieve stress and relax.

And finally, the best tech innovations product of 2020

HP Omnicept VR

This development can be considered the product of the year. This headset will be able to give a real breath of freshness because thanks to HP Omnicept VR, you can go on a journey without leaving your own home. Thanks to the virtual world, it became possible to enjoy life even in such a gloomy period as the virus epidemic in 2020.


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