Artificial intelligence has gained the ability to "see" thanks to computer vision. Let's look at the impact of startups on the development of this area.

AI is a real breakthrough in the world of innovative technologies thanks to new developments and projects in the field of software vision. It triggers the vision process using artificial intelligence. Computer vision is used in almost all areas of business and enterprises with different activities.

This can be medicine, trade, training, and so on. Such innovative systems will be able to bring development in each of the areas, become a source of profit and development.

An increasing number of startups are striving to enter the market to receive deviants and make themselves known to the whole world. The development and prosperity of AI systems, computer vision, and other modern technologies directly depend on new and fresh ideas in this area.

Application of the system in farming

The most ancient and well-known agricultural sector involved in the supply of food has long tended to stick to proven and traditional ways of working. Although innovative technologies are used in farming, often, owners miss the opportunities that AI or computer vision offers them. For example, this industry neglects useful information about harvest time and advice on this matter. But everything can be improved through the use of information from visual sensors, as well as through machine learning. The whole workflow can be improved by incorporating drones and satellites into the system. After all, thanks to them, you can collect important information, collect a photo report and simplify the analysis system. There will be an improvement in work efficiency and optimization of the control system during fertilizer spraying, as well as a host of other working moments thanks to computer vision technologies. Employees can easily see all ongoing processes online and control them. All this directly leads to the improvement of work efficiency and profit indicators.

Indeed, based on the indicators obtained thanks to innovative systems, we can conclude the advisability of watering or irrigating a particular crop, which plant needs more fertilization, and so on.

Start-up companies such as Prospera, Sentera, and HT have begun to bring these capabilities to life and test them.

Trade sector

In trade, like in no other area, the use of computer vision is simply necessary. The most striking and, on the other hand, the futuristic example of using this system in retail outlets is shopping without queues and registrations, only the most convenient conditions. Stores and retail outlets should be equipped with special sensors for visual information acquisition based on artificial intelligence. It is in this case that consumers can easily and easily visit stores, after issuing a receipt and automatic authorization, they will be able to make purchases as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Amazon already managed to implement this idea several years ago. She has developed a special program with the introduction of AI and other computer technologies in her sales system. With the development and improvement of computer vision systems, shopping has become much easier. These developments have been supported and tested by Trigo Vision, Zippin, Standard Cognition, and Aifi. Their technology can see all the stuff that you put in the cart, which greatly simplifies and facilitates the process of calculating the number of purchases. No queues and wasted time.

Such shopping with computer vision, which does not require filling out an order form, will reduce the time and effort spent on maintaining a large number of employees, and will also perfectly recommend itself to consumers. Plus, you can control the number of all items online. After all, a big plus for sellers will be the ability to manage inventory and the availability of goods in the store and the warehouse. After all, the availability of goods on store shelves significantly increases sales and attracts more customers. In this case, a startup Focal systems will be the best option for organizing products.

The insurance industry also does not stand aside, because for the industry to flourish and develop, it is necessary to make a visual assessment of savings. This area obliges the observance and calculation of the exact pricing policy and insurance policies, as well as the calculation of the risks of damage after an accident to make claims. Thanks to the updated system support and visual capabilities, it has become much easier to assess and analyze the situation. Today, many popular startups offer their services to insurance companies. For example, Cape Analytics uses geospatial data to quickly compute and evaluate a home's construction type, materials, overall appearance, and condition to determine the risks and prices of services. Tractable is a young company that actively uses AI to establish the exact cost and damage caused by accidents.

Improvement of work processes utilizing computer vision is also required by the construction industry. After all, new systems and startups can reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the workflow. This can be helped by the new development of TraceAir, which offers the use of drones to collect data through photos. This will help company managers to manage all processes online, being a few kilometers from the working area.

Of course, such a development as computer vision can serve more than just good. This is why developers should pay maximum attention to setting rules and protocols for work. This is what will help to successfully use the technology in production.


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