SuitX exoskeletons were developed by scientists at the University of California and are now used by companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Nissan Motor Ibérica, and others. The third, newest generation of suitX exoskeletons is suitable for use by both highly skilled professionals and ordinary workers without special skills. The suitX exoskeletons can be used individually or as part of a set consisting of three modules - backX (back), shoulderX (shoulders), and legX (legs).

Industrial exoskeleton SuitX BackX

The BackX is an industrial exoskeleton that significantly reduces back strain and helps industrial workers avoid work-related injuries.

The BackX exoskeleton can be used to perform a wide variety of single-type and repetitive operations associated with a high load on the spine in general and on the lower back in particular. These include - lifting weights in the production process when picking orders in a warehouse, loading and unloading operations; prolonged stay in an uncomfortable position - during welding, installation, excavation work.

BackX belongs to the passive type exoskeletons: its design does not contain actuators, batteries, and computing units - no additional tools are required to work with it. The device has minimal dimensions and weight, does not restrict movement, and, most importantly, is much more accessible than active type exoskeletons.

When choosing a passive exoskeleton, it is important to understand that the device will not give the user incredible additional strength, but, above all, will help reduce injuries associated with the movement of heavy objects, increase efficiency, reduce fatigue at the end of the day, and allow you to stay in the ranks longer. According to the developer, the increase in endurance with an exoskeleton, when performing repetitive operations, can reach 52%.

The BackX exoskeleton consists of two parts: a belt structure and a frame. The total weight of the device is 3 kg. The belt transfers the weight of the exoskeleton to the user's hips, and the frame reduces stress on the user's muscles during operation.

The exoskeleton is activated by moving two switches and has two degrees of support - 9 and 13.5 kilograms. It can operate in one of two modes - standard or instant on. In the first case, the exoskeleton activates support when flexing the body; it reacts when the angle between the torso and hips is exceeded by 30 degrees. This mode is recommended when lifting and carrying weights and does not interfere with the user's movement on a flat surface.

The instant on mode is recommended for holding a certain posture, for example, when bending over a desk for a long time.

Among the fine adjustments of the exoskeleton, there is the possibility of changing the trigger angle when bending the body.

BackX is designed for everyday wear, does not restrict movement, you can drive a car or a forklift, ride a bike, do any activity without restrictions.

   Industrial exoskeleton SuitX LegX

LegX is an industrial exoskeleton designed to reduce stress on knee joints and thigh muscles. When performing squat tasks, legX supports body weight and provides active support for the lift. According to the developer, the reduction in the load on the muscles of the thighs, when using this device, can reach 57%.

This exoskeleton can be used in construction, assembly, and welding works, on assembly lines in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, foundry, in logistics processes - wherever an employee has to be in an uncomfortable position for a long time.

Like the backX module for the back, the legX device is a passive type of exoskeleton. This is a mechanical device, the design of which does not contain servos - only electronic synchronization units between the left and right leg modules, powered by batteries.

legX is a smart device. The exoskeleton itself determines whether you intend to walk or sit down: the employee can move freely, and the load reduction occurs exactly when the user needs support during squatting.

The exoskeleton allows you to bend your knees at 140 degrees, that is, to squat completely. Also, legX can fully support the body, transforming itself into a kind of chair. In this case, it is possible to adjust the tilt angle to 70 or 110 degrees.

The exoskeleton consists of three parts: a belt structure and two modules for the left and right legs. The total weight of the device is just over 6 kilograms. The belt serves to fasten the leg modules and reduce the load on the user's joints and muscles during work.

It will take about one and a half minutes to put on this gadget, and 30 seconds will be enough to remove it. Discomfort from wearing an exoskeleton can occur if the initial setting is incorrect and its components are individually adjusted.

Like other modules, legX is designed for everyday wear and does not constrain movement, you can do almost any activity in it, without restrictions.


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