Due to the consequences of COVID-19, a problem arose with the logistic construction of food delivery schemes. The tech development that many vendors are accustomed to has also suffered because of this, which could pose even bigger problems.

The world-renowned agro corporation AppHarvest is going to buy innovative robots RootAI, which are designed to work in the agro sector.

This is what, in the opinion of senior managers, will help to establish the process of transporting products throughout the country and even around the world. Thanks to innovative farming methods, as well as the introduction of AI, the supply situation can be easily adjusted.

Agriculture is hampered by extreme weather conditions, droughts, fires, and animal attacks, making our food system unreliable. The system developer claims that local agriculture solves many of these problems and that the data collected can provide us with additional information to help us predict and track yield quality and production quantities.

Last fall, the corporation planted on its 2.76 million square feet in Kentucky and released a report at the end of the winter season indicating that the firm had shipped 1 million pounds of organic steak tomatoes. The director of the Root AI corporation will be appointed as the technical director of AppHarvest and will take up the production of special agro-robots with AI, taking into account the characteristics of the farming company.

The most basic and decisive moment in farming is a 100% accurate prediction of the level of success of the future harvest. It is from this that all further actions are repelled, important planning, procurement are made and future logistics directions are laid. This is the basis for the successful fresh fruit and vegetable trade. Even the smallest error in the calculation will cause many corrections and adjustments to reduce losses. It is AI that is able to resolve this issue.

Special lasers and cameras built into the automated robotic harvester are used to fill out a special card that helps the robot navigate the workplace. It also simplifies the process of determining the degree of ripening of tomatoes, to establish exactly whether it needs to be picked already or to allow it to ripen even more. Such scanning greatly simplifies the harvesting process and is the most productive and saves time. After all, an automated machine can find the most successful paths for movement, which will simplify the process of harvesting by grabbing the handle.

Already last summer, the Virgo harvesting robot showed all his skills and extraordinary dexterity in picking cucumbers and strawberries.

After all, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant product is the result of the laborious process of growing, grooming, and harvesting crops. An improved and perfectly accurate data archive for each product can significantly improve robotics performance and increase yields. After all, with such data, it is easy to establish successful and reliable food systems that will spend far fewer resources and provide more benefits.

The Morehead agro complex will be able to meet the £ 45 million mark in tomato production in a year, according to company managers. The corporation has planned and clearly focused on developing my business in Kentucky and Central Appalachia. It is planned to open 12 farms in 2025.

Thanks to the joint work with AppHarvest, the complex can easily achieve such results. The company aims at uninterrupted, safe, and well-planned transportation of ecological products to people all over the country. AppHarvest will be able to cope with this task and achieve success in this field.


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