Drones can be real helpers in predicting storms and hurricanes. They will be the most accurate indicators that will be able to transmit all information directly from the scene.

The earliest time for NOAA scientists to use flying machines is March this year after a horrific tornado in the southeast. The drone directly from the sky demonstrated all the affected areas and the degree of destruction from the storm, and also took a photo of these places.

All of this captured footage significantly accelerated the process of reconstruction and restoration, as researchers could see even the most inaccessible places of destruction. In addition, aircraft are capable of warning of an impending natural disaster, as was the case with a tornado rushing 80 miles from the city in a distant region where there were no suitable road and tracking points. This helps to react faster and prevent damage.

In the future, it is planned to actively introduce drones into scientific research on the occurrence of tornadoes in order to study their nature and learn how to get 100% correct forecasts.

After increasing tornadoes in one area in Alabama, NSSL scientists worked with CIMMS researchers at the University of Oklahoma to develop several special drones.

Testing of drones and quadcopters Quantum Trinity F90 + and Skydio2 intended for research of natural disasters has begun. NOAA reports that they came out rather hasty, so they are not going to be engaged in the development of new ones now, but will focus on research and testing of existing ones.

Flight assistants are equipped with ultra-quality cameras that can transmit all the most important information in detail. Their sensors recognize even what is not always visible to humans.

Special drone cameras are equipped with several additional stripes, which help to better collect all data and find even minimal damage.

Drones indicate damage to vegetation, as well as the extent and intensity of the hurricane.

This will help improve the study of the nature and power of the cataclysm.

Since quite often, researchers downplay the strength of hurricanes and underestimate the harm they cause, which blur the picture as a whole. Aircraft will be able to solve this problem and show the true damage to the green zone and villages.

All this can help improve the system for calculating the expectation of the strength of a tornado and its real impact on the terrain. Also, you can see the difference between what a conventional radar shows and the true face of a hurricane.

The management of the company assures that they have 2 drones with the DJI system, which have not yet passed the testing stage, since they have not yet received approval from the relevant authorities for this.

All NOAA forecasters express great satisfaction with the performance of flying robots. After all, they significantly improve performance, they can be used in places inaccessible to humans and forest areas. A detailed photo after the past tornado will show everything that researchers need to see. Thanks to these images, weather services will be able to provide more detailed reports on the damage caused to government agencies. Drones can significantly improve the way corporations operate.





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