iRobot. This is a company that was registered back in 1990. Its founders are students of the Massachusetts Institute. It was they who created the well-known robot vacuum cleaner. IRobot today is a world-renowned corporation with a turnover of $ 554 million per year. This company is one of the leading suppliers of the US Army.

It is included in the list of the 500 most successful American companies. IRobot shares are listed on the NASDAQ US stock exchange. The corporation's list of products includes several dozen varieties of robots. The robot vacuum cleaner continues to sell well.

Aldebaran Robotics

This company was founded in 2005 by French businessman Bruno Maisonnier. The business began with the development and sale of android-type toy robots. Since 2008, after receiving the rights from the SONY corporation, the company has been engaged in the production of Aibo - cute robotic dogs that customers immediately fell in love with. Following them went on sale Nao - small androids with their operating system, and Pepper - the most advanced robots in the world today. Several thousand copies of both devices have already been sold, despite the fact that they are expensive. In Russia, Nao can be bought for 990,000 rubles, and Pepper - for 1,850,000 rubles. An even more advanced robot called Romeo is being developed today. Its purpose is to help sick and elderly people who find it difficult to serve themselves. First, Romeo will appear in clinics and nursing homes, a little later everyone will be able to buy it. Its cost will be high, about 250,000 euros, but the list of its functions is unusually wide. This is an interlocutor, a servant, an accompanying person, and a reliable friend.

DJI Innovations

Another example of success. This company quickly became the world leader in the production of drones for video filming. It was founded in Shenzhen, which is called the Chinese Silicon Valley. It is this corporation that manufactures drones Ronin, Phantom, and others. The number of employees exceeds 3,500 people, there are offices in China, the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, Holland, and Germany. These examples show that anything is possible in the business world if you get the right moment. And there are more and more such moments.

Robotization at Amazon

This corporation is already robotizing the main business processes today. By the beginning of 2019, more than 100 thousand various robotic systems had already been implemented. These are robots purchased from other companies and machines developed by our specialists. For the summer of 2019, the number of robots in the corporation will reach 200 thousand. At the same time, it is planned to robotize only some of the processes, but not all. There will be no reduction in the number of employees. Amazon is now working with other companies to create robots to deliver goods to customers. The so-called "last mile" delivery robots.

Boston Dynamics robots

This company is widely known for its unique designs. Their collection includes helpful and effective helpers. The Handle is a compact loader robot. Works faster than a forklift, designed for disassembling pallets, folding goods on shelves, moving to a conveyor and other processes. Equipped with a reliable vacuum gripper and manipulator. Thanks to the built-in computer vision system, the robot is well oriented in space and finds objects. Its carrying capacity is 15 kg.

Pick is an electronic conveyor autonomous robot. The Spot is a walking quadruped with hydraulic drives. Controlled by radio channels at a distance of up to 500 meters. Equipped with a front-facing camera with a 180-degree view. Now used on construction sites. SpotMini is a smaller analog of the Spot robot. WildCat is the fastest quadruped in the world, able to navigate the natural environment with ease. LS3 BigDog is a heavy-duty robot with a lifting capacity of 180 kg, on four legs. Able to travel long distances, climb hills, and descend in lowlands along the surface with an inclination of up to 45 degrees. Designed for the army. Atlas is a humanoid robot with an advanced control system. He can help with loading and unloading operations, when carrying objects, he rises himself after a fall, opens and closes doors, knows how to move over rough terrain, jumps, and even does backflips. The company is still working thanks to the money of investors, and they have not yet managed to release commercially successful robots, but they are closer to this than ever before.


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