In appearance, this development will not differ from the means of transportation we are used to, only instead of the driver, with the passengers, he communicates with AI, he finds out the destination and reads the fare. Not so long ago, in the capital of China, the final decision was made to launch robo-taxis. It was decided to start with several dozen cars in one of the Yizhuang regions. These means of transportation are programmed to transport no more than two individuals at a time.

Also, just in case, the driver of the company will be in the car to monitor the order of the system and the passengers. Robotic taxis will move independently, without human assistance. This is a real breakthrough in the development of Baidu and corporations, which have been waiting for the approval of their development for so long. Certainly, it will take several years for improvements and testing of technologies, when robots will be able to independently transport people to their destinations with little or no human control. The creators of this innovation expect the rapid development of their project and the response from consumers who will be able to quickly get used to such technologies and begin to actively use them. Such innovations as taxi rides without a driver should not scare people, the developers believe, everything is controlled by a reliable and safe system. Popularity among Chinese residents and, as a result, rapid development is what Baidu is striving to achieve.

The work of taxi robots will consist of digital communication with passengers to find out the destination address and receive money for the transportation service. The developers of this system, while testing the operation of the robot taxi technology, have already made half a million trips during the entire existence of the startup.

More than 60 Apollo Go cars will be provided for movement. To ride without a pilot, you just need to download the "Luobo kuaipao" application.

Already, you can see robo- taxis standing by the road. The fare will cost $ 0.30 for 5.9 km.

Plus, I would like to add that a similar project is being developed by the AutoX system, with the support of Alibaba. It is planned that it will become popular in all corners of the planet.



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