A British startup called Xtreme RC has developed a radio-controlled tracked robot. It's currently available on Kickstarter for $2199. The company promises that this device is "the most productive" among its counterparts with dimensions of 820x448x287 mm weighing 21kgs equipped blade 7075 aluminum chassis two Hubwing motors which can reach speeds up to 64km/h in just seconds.

The XRC Brawler is a robot that can be used for both land and aquatic adventures. It has 12 rechargeable lithium polymer batteries which provide power, two 40mm fans to extract air from the front vents then pump it out through exhaust pipes at the rear of the vehicle when underwater or on land respectively; its waterproof design makes sure there's no loss in performance even if you decide to explore some wet places!

The XRC Brawler is a beast of an offroad vehicle, with its rugged and reliable design. The nose fairing protects you from severe frontal impacts by metal bumper plates as well as aluminum paneling in case anything happens to it!

The $503 pledge on Kickstarter can get one now before they go retail at total price soon- so if you're looking for something tough enough to conquer any terrain this winter season, then look no further than the new XR Couttizable Challenger.

The XRC Brawler is built to take on the most challenging roads and trails. The all-powerful engine, combined with high ground clearance and an adventurous suspension system, ensures that you can go anywhere without fear of getting stuck.


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